We love fashion. We love eyewear. And we love people.

But what we don’t love are the ever-increasing prices people are being asked to pay for so-called “designer” eyewear. We know how much it really costs to make fashionable, high-quality eyeglasses using the exact same prescription lenses, materials and techniques as more famous brands and frankly, it’s a fraction of what they’re charging on a regular basis.

We believe that everybody deserves to see, and to be able to express their own individual sense of style while they’re doing it, regardless of their personal net worth. That’s why we’ve created an alternative fashion eyewear company that puts customers first, instead of profits. A fashion eyewear company that asks people to pay only for actual value, not some logo. A fashion eyewear company
that says you don’t have to be a slave to a brand any brand to see and look your absolute best.

Wear your independence. Welcome to V Eyewear.



We’re captivated by beautiful shapes, especially shapes that somehow evoke a particular time, or place, or emotion. If you notice a certain sensuality emanating from our eyeglass frames, or get the uncanny feeling that anything might happen at any moment with the person wearing them, that’s entirely intentional on our part.

V MaterialTo us, your face is part one of a collaborative art project. That’s why we not only create beautiful forms to complement it, but carefully hand-craft every pair of our new Independence™ series of eyeglasses using the finest materials available, like select Italian acetate fiber, hypo-allergenic, skin-friendly Monel alloys, and precision-contoured lenses that provide not only enhanced visual comfort but total UVA/UVB protection as well.
After all, the best materials look the best, too.

V Collection Independence™ series eyeglasses are available in a range of styles including classic/timeless, high fashion, everyday basic and casual/sport that are expressly designed to enhance and amplify the innate nature of those who wear them, unlike prohibitively expensive “designer” frames that often seem to be more about maximizing profits than anything else. Value might not be a glamorous-sounding word, but it’s amazing how much better you look when you know you’re getting it.

How V Do It How are we able to bring eyewear that is high-end in every detail to market for a fraction of the cost of more well-known designer brands? It’s really quite simple. Rather than license some famous designer’s name for an outrageous sum and then pass that inflated expense on to the consumer, we instead rely on our own multidisciplinary—and visionary—design and fabrication team. This means that at the same time our designers are designing, our knowledgeable, experienced production staff is already forging relationships with the very best specialist manufacturers available to ensure flawless, economical execution of every concept. The end result? Fashion-forward, highest-quality frames at eminently affordable prices.

That’s not the way other fashion eyewear companies do it, but it works just fine for us. We’re proud to be non-conformists. And in caring more about seeing well, looking great, and getting the best value for their money instead of paying too much for somebody’s logo, so are our customers. Join us. Wear your independence.

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  • - Unique, evocative form factors
  • - Finest materials
  • - Rich, innovative colorations
  • - Highly realized concepts perfected for special


V Eyewear products use only the very best, highest-technology lenses available, including single vision lenses that correct for specific distances; progressive, “no-line” lenses that provide clear and comfortable distance transitions; specialty lenses that alleviate particular vision correction issues; and sunglass lenses that provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. All are anti-reflective, scratch resistant, and precision manufactured to exacting, world-class standards. Just as our frames are designed expressly for the way the world sees you, our lenses are designed expressly for the way you see the world.


You can get in touch with us.


1054 Sukhumvit 66/1, Bangchak, Prakanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

Phone: (662) 367 2000
Fax: (662) 361 4840
Email: veyewear@jaspal.co.th


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